First-Class Solar Tint Services in Birmingham

If you own your home or perhaps work from a small office in Birmingham, West Midlands window film and solar tint can likely add protection, save money, and improve the appearance of your property! The process of sun damage on carpets, furniture, and art can be dramatically reduced by the installation of solar film. Our solar films filter around 99% of harmful UV, which is the main cause of fading, besides also reducing incoming solar heat.

Reduce solar heat by up to 80% and cut glare by up to 85% with our services. Benefits include creating a more comfortable and productive working environment and potentially providing dramatic cost savings by reducing the load on air-conditioning units. Tinted and coloured solar films transform virtually any building by providing a uniform, modern appearance, which will improve the image of any organisation. Recent advances in metal-lamination processes have created an excellent range of high-performance yet ‘light’ and discrete films- ideal for showroom windows, shop fronts, and anti-fade for museums.

Conservatory Tinting

Have you spent thousands on a conservatory only to find that for much of the year, it becomes just too hot to enjoy? Fortunately, an application of COOLKOTE to the roof and a lightly tinted yet high-performance solar film to the vertical windows can make a dramatic difference to the comfort levels, allowing you to enjoy your investment.

Office Tinting

If you have a home office or study, excessive glare or too much incoming solar heat has likely been a problem at some stage. Solar films can reflect up to 78% of the suns’ heat and reduce glare by as much as 86%. By making your working environment more comfortable, you will undoubtedly find your working time will be more effective and productive.

What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting?


Urban Privacy

A professional application that can protect you and your passengers; along with your possessions from unwanted prying eyes, reducing the risk of opportunist smash and grab theft.


Solar Heat

Effectively reduces solar heat improving the interior climate of your vehicle. Protecting your vehicle interior, passengers and pets, with less reliance on your climate control system. This service can also help with improved fuel efficiency.



Like sunglasses for your vehicle, window tinting reduces intense light on bright days and headlight dazzle at night. It also reduces annoying glare and enhances viewing for media screens, providing visual security from potential thieves.


Ultra-Violet Rays

Graphite films remove 99% of damaging ultra-violet rays. Protecting you, your passengers, pets, and vehicle interiors from its harmful effects. Specialist UV films are available for occupants with UV sensitive medical conditions and allergies.


Safety and Enhanced Security

Accidents do happen, glass does get smashed, be it deliberate or in the unfortunate event of an accident. You and your passengers will have a reduced risk of injury as dangerous fragments of glass can be held together by the film. Specialist security films are available to enhance protection from smash and grab attacks.

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