Office and Home Window Tinting in Birmingham

At The Car Spa, we can offer professional home window tinting to customers within Birmingham, West Midlands. From an office window tint to conservatories and shop windows, we can provide expert tinting services that offer a plethora of benefits. With products which are perfect for both security and safety, find out which film may be the most suitable for you and your needs.


Computers, home-cinemas, games consoles, LCD and plasma televisions… the list of expensive entertainment equipment we have in our homes is surprising when counted. Unfortunately, these items are just what burglars and criminals are after.

By installing a solar film, daytime vision into a home becomes much more difficult. Particularly for the apparently ‘innocent’ pedestrian casually walking past your home, trying to see what’s inside. A ‘one-way’ protective screen can be successfully created. This is also ideal for garages and sheds.


If you are concerned about intruders smashing windows in your home or are worried about the dangerous threat posed by shards of glass following an accident, then safety films are the perfect solution for you.

Meeting British, European, and international impact standards, once applied safety films form an invisible yet potentially life-saving barrier by making breakage due to impact much harder. They can also hold glass fragments together in the event of a smashed window.

Why not have the best of both and ask for a combined solar/safety film which offers the many advantages of both security and safety, in one film?

Interested in Improving Your Home Security?

Our office window tint and home window tinting services offer security and safety benefits.